What is XR

for Good?

Disruptive technology makes possible the development of new opportunities for experiences to improve people’s lives.

Extended Reality (XR) for good, explores the potential for cutting edge visual technology to advance healthcare, the transfer of knowledge, entertain & inspire the next generation.




Interactive Training

Help learners retain more with experiential interactive XR learning tools. Learning Management System (LMS) integration optional.

Awareness Raising

360° / VR technology enables viewer engagement, which is memorable in a lasting way. Unleash the power of 360° experiences, with immersive storytelling.


Interactive XR learning tools & 360° experience creation.

XR for STEM activities

VR equipment hire


XR for Education design

Person centered



Mental Health / Well-being

Working with Healthcare to provide engaging XR experiences
for service users and their families.

Distraction Therapy

XR experiences can be deployed as drug-free interventions, effective towards managing various situations and diagnosis. (ASD, PTSD, depression & anxiety) 

Life Story Work

Creating a personal record of important experiences, people and places in your life can be enjoyable and may help with memory problems. It can also be used as a prompt or to help professional carers.

Exposure Therapy

Tailored to the needs of an individual, a bespoke XR experience can have transformative effects in areas such as confidence building and overcoming phobias.  

Products & Services

“Scottish Treasure” 360° content

Bespoke “Person-centered” experience creation


XR for Healthcare design

Virtual Access
& Engagement

XR has the power to enable users to engage with experiences beyond reach.  

With 360° live streaming it is possible for those with barriers to access to experience events as they happen. 

Branded XR multi-media live streams are the cutting edge of how  businesses can now reach out to their target audience.

Our products and services are designed to help you to quickly overcome the challenges that this new technology presents, to enable you achieve your goals.


Virtual Access 360° live-stream technology bundle

360° image & video stock

Custom 360° live-stream studio templates

3D assets, models & animations

XR Consultancy & Training

XR technology & studio design

360° interactive live-streaming

Technology Procurement

Memorable Connections

Experience events & locations with distant family & friends

Stand out with entertaining immersive marketing

Teach your students through live interactive XR experiences

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